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Nikon NEXIV VMR-6555 Video Measuring System

Available in Americas only


Large stage bridge optimal for measurements of PCB patterns and external dimensions of a display panel.

The NEXIV VMR-6555 is a large stage bridge automated CNC non-contact measuring instrument. It features TTL laser height/profile scanning, intelligent pattern recognition and low contrast edge measuring. Designed for larger samples like FDP, LCD, PCB and mass-in-line inspections. Four models available with stepped zoom magnification ranges to cover different fields of view and resolution requirements.

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Categories: Vision Systems

Applications: MEMS, Metallurgy, Microelectronics, Surface Analysis, Plastic Manufacturing, Automated measurement, Telescope optics, Cracks and Failure Analysis, Antennae, Metal Manufacturing, Powertrain Components, Optoelectronics, Telecom & Electronics, Mobile phones, shavers & watches , Implants/ Protheses, Surface Examination, Liquid Crystal Displays

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