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A high resolution lens system featuring large 300mm range and laser height measurements.

An ideal general purpose 3D coordinate measuring system with 300 x 200 x 150mm stage travel, the NEXIV-3020 handles a variety of measurement tasks including those for mechanical parts, molded parts, stamped parts and various other workpieces. Features an 8-segment LED illumination system and through-the-lens laser auto-focus, allowing for ultra-accurate detection of measurement points. Comes in four models with 5 step zoom magnification to cover different fields of view and resolution requirements.

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Categories: Vision Systems

Applications: Powertrain Components, Metallurgy, Plastic Manufacturing, Optoelectronics, Microelectronics, Liquid Crystal Displays, Automated measurement, Metal Manufacturing, MEMS, Surface Examination, Telecom & Electronics, Telescope optics, Cracks and Failure Analysis, Antennae, Surface Analysis, Implants/ Protheses, Mobile phones, shavers & watches

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