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Nikon Eclipse LV-DAF Dynamic Auto Focus Unit

LV-DAF Specifications

Detection system: Hybrid system combining slit projection with contrast detection
Auto-focus light source: Near-IR LED (λ = 770 nm)
Objective lens: CFI60 objective lens 2.5x-100x (includes extra-long working distance (ELWD), super-long working distance (SLWD), and CR for LCD substrate inspection)
Auto-focus modes: Continuous mode and search mode (single, continuous)
Focal range: Focal range without searching (brightfield
2.5x: 5.5 mm or more, 5x: 4.5 mm or more, 10x: 1.3 mm or more, 20x: 320 μm or more, 50x: 50 μm or more, 100x: 10 μm or more
Focal time: 0.7 seconds or less (20x: 200μm with no search)² ³
Focal precision (repeated reproducibility): 1/2 or less of focal depth² ³
AF offset feature: Enables observation with precise adjustment of focal position while applying auto-focus
Minimum drive resolution: 0.05 μm¹
External communication: RS232C, USB, and parallel I/O
Power source: 100-240 V AC, 1.0 A, 50/60 Hz

¹ Some limitations for 2.5x and 100x.

² Using Nikon’s standard Cr vapor deposition sample.

³ Using the LV-IMA or LV-FMA.