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Stereomicroscopes with premium performance in a compact body.

The SMZ445 and SMZ460 deliver the outstanding optical performance you expect from Nikon's cutting-edge series of stereoscopic zoom microscopes. Porro prisms enable a lightweight, compact design. Choose between the two models: the SMZ445 with 0.8x - 3.5x zoom magnification or the SMZ460 with 0.7x - 3.0x zoom magnification, inclination angles of 45° or 60° respectively. With the new diascopic/episcopic LED Stand, these microscopes let you observe a wide range of specimens, from Petri dishes to plants, insects, small animals and minerals.

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Categories: Stereomicroscopes

Applications: Plastic Manufacturing, Telescope optics, Antennae, Manual examination, Telecom & Electronics, Implants/ Protheses, Mobile phones, shavers & watches

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