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LC60Dx Dual-purpose scanner

LC60Dx dual purpose scanner

The LC60Dx is easily interchangeable between CMMs and handheld localizers. As such, companies owning both fixed-bed CMMs and articulated arms can benefit from using a single LC60Dx scanner on both systems. In this way, they are able to execute most of the digitizing work using one scanner and compare e.g. measuring results from metrology room (CMM) and shopfloor (articulated arm).

Key benefits:

  • Save money by using one laser scanner for two different localizer types
  • Easy macro-based programming for CMM based applications
  • Plug-and-play capability on portable arms
  • Scans nearly all material surfaces (shiny, varying colours)
  • Seamless retrofit on most leading CMM brands
  • Point cloud analysis within single Focus software platform

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