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Nikon Metrology presents Metrology CT and other innovations in non-contact measurement technology at Control 2012

May 7, 2012

CONTROL 2012, the international trade fair for quality assurance will be the venue for releasing new inspection solutions within the Nikon Metrology extended product portfolio. With the introduction of the MCT225, Nikon Metrology blends 50 years’ experience of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) metrology with 25 years’ experience of X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) to develop a new “absolute accuracy” Metrology CT system.
Another breakthrough non-contact sensor is the Nikon LC15Dx, the most accurate CMM scanner in the world. The large scale metrology product iGPS features the ergonomic i5 Integrated Sensor for applications ranging from vehicle tracking to automated part assembly. Another reason to visit the restyled Nikon Metrology booth is the premium range of microscopy solutions, including the brand new NeoScope and the portable ShuttlePix.

Absolute accuracy for Metrology CT

Metrology CT is the fusion of metrology and X-ray Computed Tomography (CT). The new MCT225 system provides revolutionary internal and external dimensional inspection for a wide range of sample sizes and material densities with 9+ L/50 µm accuracy in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2630 guideline. The inspection system, with a proprietary 225kV micro-focus X-ray source, reliably measures internal features and hidden details without cutting or sectioning. The MCT225 is ideal for measuring samples made of plastic, aluminum, ceramic or carbon-fiber composite.

CMM Laser scanning with tactile accuracy

The LC15Dx brings laser scanning in the accuracy range of tactile inspection. Nikon’s superior optics combined with innovative 3D laser scanning technology resulted in this new, groundbreaking Nikon scanner. Featuring 2.5 micron probing error, the LC15Dx digital scanner is a viable alternative for tactile CMM applications, covering molds, small turbine blades, medical devices and other complex geometries.

The Nikon Metrology multi-sensor strategy enables customers to select the right probing system for their application, whether it is a touch probe or a non-contact laser scanner. Now also the Renishaw REVO probe has been added to the range of supported probing systems. The LK range of highly accuracy CMMs features ceramic bridge and spindle components coupled with proven air-bearing design to provide the ultimate in stiffness and stability and significantly improved repeatability. With an optimum stiffness-to-weight advantage Nikon Metrology’s ceramic CMMs take full advantage of the performance enhancements offered by REVO.

Digital handheld scanning solutions

The ModelMaker scanners are a reference for portable 3D inspection and digitizing. These digital handheld laser scanners introduce high frame rates and large stripe widths from 50mm up to 200mm for both detailed and ultra-productive scanning. When combined with the MCA II measuring arm, customers have an ergonomic and lightweight solution that can scan highly reflective objects without spraying.

New easy-to-deploy iGPS sensor

In the large scale iGPS product range, the i5 Integrated Sensor is a new compact and reliable sensor that offers higher accuracy over an extended range. It can be quickly and easily deployed to track an object’s 6 degrees of freedom movement, or provide relative positional feedback of multiple objects. Typical assembly/alignment assistance and dynamic tracking applications include aerospace part/jig alignment, aircraft final assembly, robotic vehicle tracking and machine guidance.

NeoScope and ShuttlePix microscopes

From large scale metrology to microscopy is just a small step. CONTROL visitors are offered the opportunity to see the entirely new NeoScope benchtop SEM in action. This powerful Scanning Electron Microscope extends your vision by combining high magnification, high resolution and depth of field. Also on display is the innovative ShuttlePix microscope, a portable digital microscope developed for observation and inspection of any on-site sample. Combined with the Motorized Focusing Stand, it is equally suited for desktop applications.


Nikon Metrology offers the broadest range of metrology solutions for applications ranging from miniature electronics to the largest aircrafts. Nikon Metrology’s innovative measuring and precision instruments contribute to a high performance design-through-manufacturing process that allows manufacturers to deliver premium quality products in a shorter time. Further information is available on