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Nikon Metrology announces availability of Optelics H1200 Real Color Confocal Microscope

July 15, 2010

Leuven, July 15 2010 – Nikon Metrology Inc., announced that it will distribute Lasertec’s Optelics H1200, a real color confocal microscope with unprecedented color separation and high resolution. The two companies have agreed to have Nikon Metrology, Inc. distribute the system in the United States and Canada.
The H1200’s 3-CCD sensor system enables fast, accurate acquisition of 12 million pixel color images. Its advanced optics provide for high-resolution height measurement over a wide range of magnifications, as well as allowing samples of semi-sphere or samples with V-shape trench to be expressed in 3D without any noise. The H1200’s clear image mode realizes very clear observation and measurement of samples, including areas of totally different reflected light intensities within one field.
The system has a wide range of features working in concert to achieve high resolution, including a variable frame rate setting from 0.1 frames per second to 120 frames per second, making the microscope adaptable to a multitude of purposes such as high-resolution observation to high-speed measurement. Additionally, an intuitive GUI enables simple operation, including a simple "one click" acquisition of full color confocal images.
“Nikon Metrology, Inc. is pleased with the agreement to distribute Lasertec’s Optelics H1200 and bring this Confocal technology to customers throughout North America,” says Koji Kiribuchi, Marketing Manager, Nikon Metrology, Inc. “The addition of the Optelics H1200 will compliment Nikon Metrology’s product portfolio and help to better serve customers with a wider product offering.”
The prime applications for the scope are semiconductor, such as color CCD measurement, high aspect trench measurement, SIC wafer pattern and bump measurement; electronic parts and materials, including Cu pattern, cross section of fractured ceramics, ink jet printer head, digital camera parts, prismatic metal mold, tip of drill and nano-imprints; medical and medical devices, including  printing on medicine pills, surface measurement of medical implants and cosmetics; and automotive, including automotive chip, layer thickness measurement of paint and fuel injector nozzle measurement.
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