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Career opportunities Europe

We currently have the following vacancies within our European business units, please click on the links below for more information and to apply for one of these opportunities:  

Project ManagerLisses, France17/02/2016
Sales Manager 2DLisses, France14/06/2016
Internal Sales – Businss Development Specialist – FrenchLeuven, Belgium17/06/2016
Internal Sales – Businss Development Specialist – GermanLeuven, Belgium17/06/2016
Product Manager Inspection Software Leuven, Belgium15/06/2016
Application Engineer 3DLeuven, Belgium27/05/2016
Projectmanager Automation & Integration BELeuven, Belgium27/05/2016
Sales Account Manager Leuven, Belgium27/05/2016
Application Engineer Vision and Industrial Microscopes Leuven, Belgium26/05/2016
Service Co-ordinatorLeuven, Belgium25/05/2016
Sales Account Manager 3D Product Range (Export)Belgium or UK20/05/2016
Application Engineer 3D metrology system HN-C 3030Leuven, Belgium04/05/2016
System Software Engineer Leuven, Belgium04/05/2016
Service Engineer CMMLeuven, Belgium04/05/2016
Sales Engineer Industrial & Measuring MicroscopesLeuven, Belgium22/01/2016
Application Engineer Leuven, Belgium20/01/2016
Application Software EngineerLeuven, Belgium12/05/2016
Anwendungstechniker 3D Produkten – MünchenMünchen, Germany28/06/2016
Anwendungstechniker 3D Produkten – North AlzenauNorth Alzenau, Germany28/06/2016
Anwendungstechniker für großvolumige MesstechnikAlzenau,Germany/ Leuven, Belgium26/01/2016
Vertriebsmitarbeiter (PLZ 7)Deutschland02/05/2016
Vertriebsingenieur/in für den Bereich AutomotiveAlzenau, Germany15/03/2016
Application Engineer X-Ray InspectionAlzenau, Germany13/06/2016
Application Engineer X-Ray & CTAlzenau, Germany13/06/2016
Senior Anwendungstechniker für 3D-Messsystem HN-C 3030Stuttgart- Munchen, Germany16/06/2016
Anwendungstechniker für 3D-Messsystem HN-C 3030Erlangen, Germany16/06/2016
Anwendungstechniker für 3D-Messsystem HN-C 3030South of Alzenau, Germany16/06/2016
Application Engineer 3DGermany (München area)26/01/2016
Service Techniker 2D ProdukteDeutschland12/05/2016
temporary Finance AssistantDerby, UK14/06/2016
Quality Co-ordinatorDerby, UK04/05/2016
HR ManagerDerby, UK04/05/2016
Project Manager Automated In-Line Inspection Systems Derby, UK10/06/2016
Application Engineer Large Volume Metrology and Robotics Derby, UK10/06/2016
2 Assembly TechniciansDerby, UK12/05/2016
Research and Development Laboratory Technician – fixed term 1 year contractTring, UK25/05/2016
Test TechnicianTring, UK29/04/2016
Electronics Engineer Tring, UK12/05/2016
Order Fulfilment CoordinatorTring, UK14/01/2016
Quality EngineerTring, UK29/04/2016
Production Engineer – Electronic/Software Tring, UK29/04/2016
Production Engineer – Electro/mechanicalTring, UK29/04/2016
Senior Mechanical Design EngineerTring, UK29/04/2016
Production Engineer ManagerTring, UK23/05/2016