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Key Words: Video measuring, edge / features measurement, dimension, verification, NEXIV, VMR

Definition:Examination of a part with a digital camera to determine exact edge and other measurement features. The captured image is optically magnified and converted to a video signal to be further analyzed by specialized software packages


Multiple images are taken and magnified to compare and contrast the relationship between surface edges and features so that accurate dimensions can be obtained and validated across the measurement range of the part.

Video measurement systems can either be manual (manual metrology) or automated, however, by far the most popular are the automated systems. Manual video measurement systems, have fixed optics, are often situated on the bench-top and require manual adjustment of focus and part positioning. Automated systems, however, require no user intervention, use of a CCD camera for image capture and feature motorized optics and stages, automatic focus, closed loop-positioning capability, and can run detailed, multi-step measurement routines of an array of parts.


Video measuring is principally used in precision manufacturing industries for the measurement of the size and shape of various work pieces such as electronic circuiting and optical components. However, given the rich information the technique is capable of generating, it can be used for virtually any field where the verification of dimensional parts is crucial.

Examples of parts and components typically inspected with video measuring include: dies and molds, semi conductor packages, injection molded parts, masks for MEMS and other MEMs parts, high density PCBs, LCD glass substrates, organic EL glass substrates, photo plotter machines and wafers.


Ultrahigh Precision, NEXIV VMR H3030, NEXIV VMR H3030 Z120X.

Standard models: NEXIV VMR 3020, NEXIV VMR 3020 Z120X

Large Stroke models: NEXIV VMR 6555, NEXIV VMR 6555 Z120X

Ultra Large Stroke models: NEXIV VMR 10080, NEXIV VMR 10080 Z120X

Automated Wafer Measuring Systems: NWL860T, NWT 3000 (for VMR K30 40ZC)

Confocal NEXIV: NEXIV VMR K30 40ZC

Wafer Carrier Measuring System: NEXIV VMR C4540


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