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Infinity Optical System | Infinity Optical System

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Definition:An infinity optical system provides a region of parallel light between the microscope objective and tube lens allowing optical components to be inserted in that parallel light space without introducing optical aberrations or reducing the working distance of objectives


In an infinity optical system light travels in parallel rays after passing through the microscope objective. A tube lens, inserted into the light path, causes the parallel rays to converge so that they come into focus at the eyepiece diaphragm. The tube length (the reference focal length) ranges between 160 and 200 mm depending on the manufacturer. Infinity optical systems allow introduction of auxiliary optical components into the optical path with only a minimal effect on focus and aberration corrections. Parfocality, in addition, can be maintained between different objectives in a matched set. Correction for any optical aberration can be accomplished through the tube lens or through the objective. Nikon corrects for spherical and chromatic aberrations in the objective lens. Objectives designed for infinity-corrected microscopes are not usually interchangeable with those intended for a finite (160 or 170 mm) optical tube length microscope without incurring optical aberrations.


An infinity optical system provide greater system flexibility than finite systems in allowing optical components to be inserted between the objective and the tube lens thereby increasing the capabilities of the microscope system.


All Nikon's Eclipse microscopes incorporate infinity (CFI60) optics. In Nikon's Ti series, for example, infinity optics have been fully exploited allowing the distance between the microscope body and the objectives to be increased by up to an extra 80 mm. This allows the introduction of a wide variety of imaging accessories to create a modular microscope imaging station, without any need to modify the microscope body.


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