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Fly-Eye Lens | Fly-Eye Lens

Key Words: digital imaging, Koehler / Köhler illumination

Definition:A microscope lens composed of an array of smaller lenses designed to provide even illumination


A fly-eye lens, positioned at the microscope illuminator, is composed of an array of around 300 smaller lenses. It has the effect of breaking the transmitted light into many component images and projecting them evenly over the field of view. The result is even, bright illumination without any reduction in light intensity at the periphery of the field-of-view.



The fly eye lens improves illumination in microscope observations but has particular relevance to digital imaging applications. Compared with the human eye, digital sensors are far more sensitive to differences in the intensity and evenness of illumination. The fly-eye lens ensures digital images with uniform brightness across the field-of-view at all magnifications.


A fly-eye lens has been incorporated into Nikon's Eclipse 80i ad 90i-series upright microscopes, and the LV100 POL polarizing microscope.


Please consult your local Nikon representative for advice of the microscope system best matched to your imaging needs.


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