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Large Volume Metrology

Large Volume Metrology

Laser Radar

The inspection of large objects calls for dedicated metrology solutions and technologies. Nikon Metrology provides Laser Radar and iGPS, two revolutionary solutions based on innovative laser technologies. Both solutions offer accurate and contactless inspection capabilities that are used within a wide variety of large volume measurement and inspection applications: aircraft fuselage section analysis, tool assembly and alignment inspection as well as the inspection of aircraft engine inlet cowls and checking the geometry of aircraft wing.
Laser Radar can be used anywhere a laser tracker is applied. The economic equation is in favor of Laser Radar because it does not require any type of handheld SMR (spherically mounted retro-reflector), regardless whether inspecting geometric features or freeform surfaces.

This means that a single person can operate the Laser Radar system in manual mode, or start an automatic inspection job that runs unattended.
iGPS is a modular large-scale metrology solution that transforms large fabrication facilities into accurate metrology-enabled areas. Within the activated metrology volume, an unlimited number of handheld measurement probes or tracking sensors (fixated on tools and components) can be operated concurrently.

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