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MCA II 7-axis

The MCA II 7-Axis has been discontinued.


The ultimate handheld scanning solution featuring an MCA II 7-axis articulated arm


Equipped with the ModelMaker MMDx, the MCA II 7-axis is a reliable and accurate handheld scanning combination that handles every inspection task. The MMDx scans any material and provides a detailed digital representation of the test object in minimum time. It is ideally suited for part-to-CAD comparison, inspection of soft or fragile components as well as reverse engineering applications.

Key benefits:

  • True portable system thanks to lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum alloy components
  • Premium ergonomics through infinite rotation and low-friction grip positions
  • Wireless operation using internal battery and WiFi data communication
  • Universal mounting system attaches to a variety of bases, including a magnetic mount
  • Arm tubes are lightweight and 25 times more thermally stable than aluminum
  • Powerful laser scanner technology combined with premium measuring arm technology

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Categories: Articulated Arms

Applications: Pilot Plant Metrology, Household appliances and white goods , Automotive Design and Styling

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