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Nikon SMZ1500 Zoom Stereomicroscope

The SMZ1500 has been discontinued.

SMZ 1500 Specifications

Optical System: Parallel Optical Zoom System
Zoom Range: 0.75x to 11.25x
Zoom Ratio: 15:1
Total Magnification: 3.75x to 540x depending on eyepiece and objective used (5.6x to 506x when coaxial episcopic illuminator is attached)
Distance between Optical Axes: 22mm
Zooming Knob: Coaxial control knobs on both sides, with clickstops (on/off), magnification indicated
Aperture Diaphragm: Incorporated
Objective Lenses: HR Plan Apo 0.5x; HR Plan Apo 1x; HR Plan Apo 1.6x; P-Plan Apo 0.5x; ED Plan 0.75x; P-Plan Apo 1x; P-ED Plan 1.5x; P-ED Plan 2x
Objective Mounting: Screw Mounting to Zoom Body: M58 x 1.25 internal diameter to accept accessories: M55 x 0.75 external diameter: diameter 60mm; Note: Except HR Plan Apo 1.6x
Eyepiece Tubes: Binocular Eyepiece Tube, 20° Inclination, Interpupilary Distance: 48-75mm; Low Eyelevel Eyepiece Tube, 20° Inclination, Interpupilary Distance: 48-75mm; Tilting Binocular Eyepiece Tube, 0 - 30° Inclination, Interpupilary Distance: 48-75mm
Eyepiece Tube Mounting: 54mm diameter; 60° round dovetail
Eyepieces with Diopter Adjustment: C-W 10x (F.N. 22); C-W 15x (F.N.16); C-W 20x (F.N. 12.5); C-W 30x (F.N. 7)
Focusing Mount: P-FMD Focusing Mount D, Stroke: 65mm; Diameter of opening for post: 32mm
Stands: C-PS Plain Focusing Stand; C-PSC Compact Plain Focusing Stand; C-DS Diascopic Stand S; C-PS160 Plain Stand; C-DSS Advanced Diascopic Stand; C-DSD Enhanced OCC (Oblique Coherent Contrast) Stand; C-BD Brightfield/Darkfield Diascopic Stand; C-US-1 Universal Table Clamp Stand 1; C-US-2 Universal Table Stand 2; US-3 Universal Table Stand; P-THS Teaching Head Stand (requires P-THSS Teaching Bridge)
Illumination Systems: P-FLA2 FL Epi Fluorescence Attachment with 4 position slider for up to 3 fluorescence filter sets with one open position, optional photo/video port can be added to integrated beamsplitter; P-ICI2 Coaxial Episcopic Illuminator (12V/100W halogen) (Intermediate magnification 1.5x); 150W High Intensity Fiber Optic Light Source, single and double gooseneck light pipes and ringlights available; 30W Fiber Optic Light Source (single gooseneck light pipe included), double gooseneck light pipes and ringlights available; G-LS 6V/10W Illuminator; G-LS 6V/10W Illuminator with articulated arm; 6V/20W Illuminator with articulated arm; C-Fluorescent Ring Illuminator with built-in transformer, intensity light switch; Epi-Fluorescence Illuminator with optional photo tube
Beamsplitters: P-IBSS Single Port Beamsplitter, Split: 100/100:0 100/50:50; P-IBSD Dual Port Beamsplitter, Split: 100/100:0/0, 50/50:50/50, 0/100:100/0
P-THSS Teaching Bridge: Side-by-side (requires dedicated teaching bridge stand) (P-IDT Drawing Tube optional)