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Digital Sight DS-L3 Control Unit

The DS-L3 Controller has been discontinued.

  • DS-U3 Controller
    DS-U3 Controller

    Compact, PC-based microscope camera control unit offering information transmission of more than twice the speed of previous controllers.

  • DS-Fi1c Digital Camera

    5-megapixel cooled color digital microscope camera head ideal for acquiring detailed images under a variety of illumination techniques.

  • DS-Vi1 Digital Camera

    High speed, high sensitivity, microscope camera featuring 2-megapixel color CCD with outstanding SXGA video display rates of up to 27 frames per second.

  • DS-Ri1

    Nikon's next generation pixel-shifting digital microscope camera, ideal for high resolution brightfield and high color fidelity brightfield applications.

  • DS-Qi1

    High speed, high sensitivity monochrome digital microscope camera specifically designed for fluorescence applications.