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High-Accuracy Gantry CMM


LK V-GP High accuracy gantry CMM


Made for large scale metrology applications the LK V-GP, with its elevated rails, offers the best of all worlds. High accuracy with maximum volume and full support for a variety of probing solutions including touch-trigger digital, analogue and laser options. Nikon gantry CMMs are constructed using materials with high thermal stability to guarantee optimum accuracy. A truly flexibile and reliable CMM when size really matters.Nikon Metrology also provides customized gantry CMM projects that meet customers’ exacting requirements.

Key benefits

  • Elevated guideways combine high accuracy with maximum volume
  • Ceramic guideways allow for larger machine volume
  • Superior reliability and performance
  • Multi-sensor support
  • Integration pallet transfer system possible

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Categories: Gantry CMM

Applications: Flush and Gap Inspection, Telescope optics, Aircraft Component Inspection